Talent: Aviation’s Next Biggest Constraint

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Talent: Aviation’s Next Biggest Constraint

As the trend towards globalization becomes more of a reality, the aviation industry is experiencing unprecedented growth for airplane purchases and an increased need to adequately service fleets that are seeing record use to satisfy the growing demand for transportation.

According to Airbus’ Global Market Forecast 2013-2032 they predict two very important events that will impede the market’s ability to fulfill global demand,

  • Air traffic will double its growth in the next 15 years
  • 2/3 of the world’s existing aviation fleet will be replaced

Aviation companies are coming to the realization that the necessary talent to build and maintain these airplanes to satisfy market demands is becoming a scarce commodity. To manage future growth, these companies will have to find a way to work smarter by implementing tools that can educate the modern manufacturing workforce while simplifying the complexity of current production to reduce the time to get new teams up-to-speed.

Are there tools in the aviation market that can sufficiently reduce the learning curve for today’s workforce? Absolutely. Numerous MES and MRO software solutions scatter the aviation landscape claiming to provide sophisticated work instructions and automated processes for manufacturers.

Do all of these tools work according to specifications? Absolutely not. Spending unnecessary time and money implementing failed solutions is a costly game to play. And to remain competitive, companies need to exercise proper due diligence to filter legitimate solutions from vaporware.

There is no doubt that the aviation industry is expanding and with this growth comes the growing pains. However, providing your manufacturing team with the correct set of tools will arm them with the ability to fly high with soaring demand rather than crash and burn in incompetence.

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For more information about how to educate the new manufacturing workforce please read the white paper, “Are We Ready for the New Manufacturing Workforce.”

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