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Supply Chain ROI

Click here to watch a video about Solumina’s Supply Chain ROI capabilities.

Click here to watch a video about Solumina’s Supply Chain ROI capabilities.

A solution’s return on investment (ROI) is highly emphasized in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) world. It’s a large investment, nothing to be taken lightly. And while there are significant cost savings associated with improving the shop floor, another area that can see your ROI quickly is the supply chain.

A robust supplier quality system that catches quality escapes early on in the manufacturing cycle will dramatically reduce the cost of poor quality. In fact, Solumina’s Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) system enables more inspections to be performed via the web, reducing the inventory items at receiving. Products can then ship directly to work in process (WIP) at the plant. Solumina also provides inspectors the ability to review and approve source inspection data remotely. Consequently, quality issues are identified earlier at the supplier site and corrected before the shipment of goods is authorized.

Additionally, implementing an integrated SQA tool will also contribute to a quick ROI by:

  • Reducing inspectors at supplier sites
  • Reducing WIP by maintaining high quality standards and decreasing rework
  • Facilitating a self-managed quality path, increasing awareness and ownership of suppliers

These types of improvements are not limited to a single site but can be extended to an entire enterprise. Consequently, an OEM could see a volume discount for a supply chain management solution.


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