Look to your Supply Chain for Cost Savings

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Look to your Supply Chain for Cost Savings

Everyone is looking to save money in production, but have you thought of doing this through the supply chain? Our general philosophy is to move more of the quality checks and verifications to the source. This is a trend that our customers have been moving toward, and it offers numerous cost benefits including:

  • Reductions in receiving inspection inventory
  • Catching problems at the source before they reach the shop floor
  • Significant improvement in audit performance

But the savings don’t end at the source. More intangible and harder to quantify savings can also be recognized by implementing an open two-way communication portal with suppliers. By using a software platform like Solumina, it facilitates and formalizes communication, replacing the many phone calls and emails that can’t be traced through the supplier portal.

Also, you can fold in a device’s history record (DHR) into supplier data. Electronic delivery of data allows you to send not only your data, but also the supplier data, and that provides more value to your customers.

For more details about improving your supply chain, watch this video.

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