How Solumina’s Paperless Solution Makes Audits Simpler

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How Solumina’s Paperless Solution Makes Audits Simpler

mro-bodyIn complex, highly regulated industries like nuclear, defense and aerospace, nuclear audits, defense audits, and aerospace audits are a fact of life. Every so often, the audit team descends on your shop floor and turns everything over on its head, rifling through stacks of documents, interviewing workers and looking for areas where you may not be fully compliant with an exhaustive, exacting list of standards and regulations.

No matter how well you manage your processes and your team, as soon as an audit is announced, it means kicking everything into high gear – long days spent poring over checklists, examining files and prepping everything for the inspectors’ inevitable incursion into your workspace.

If you are still using a paper-based system, you are working much harder than you need to. Audit teams inspecting your traceability measures have to search through stacks of paper and sift through reams of opaque data to determine if you have met your compliance objectives.

This is one of the many areas in which Solumina’s digital, paperless solutions help your operation thrive. By overhauling your processes to make them more efficient, and implementing digital traceability measures, Solumina makes all of your product history records and their as-built data available through a simple online search function. With a couple of clicks, the audit team gets all of the information they need without spending hours hunting through paper files.

Of course, this doesn’t just benefit the auditors – going paperless with Solumina also gives you and your team greater visibility with real-time status reports, and greater process controls to assure standard practices are followed all the time. For example, Solumina assures that only qualified personnel can perform the job, that only calibrated tools are used, that only proper versions of work instructions are displayed to the technicians, and that jobs can only be completed after all data requirements are filled in.

With the Solumina comprehensive software solution, you never have to worry about information falling through the cracks, and you can ensure that your operation is always maintaining high levels of process control and meeting all strict compliance regulations through built-in assurance mechanisms every day, every week, every year.

Solumina makes sure your operation is never caught off guard by an audit. To learn more, visit or contact us today.

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