Five Videos Featuring Shop Floor Solutions

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Five Videos Featuring Shop Floor Solutions

shop floor solutionsIn complex manufacturing and MRO outfits alike, all operations revolve around the efficiency and effectiveness of the shop floor – or the lack of shop floor solutions. In today’s blog post, we want to highlight five videos with distinct, unique solutions to some of the biggest shop floor challenges facing companies in complex, highly regulated industries today. Let’s get started:

1. Increasing Shop Floor Efficiency. This is the sticking point for many companies – how can we increase efficiency on the shop floor without busting the budget? In this video, you’ll learn how Solumina can completely replace old inefficient paper-based systems, point solutions and silo solutions with a seamlessly integrated, fully digital system.

2. Eliminating Shop Floor Paperwork

There are few people who genuinely like doing paperwork – for most of us, it’s been a necessary evil for so long that we have simply resigned ourselves to its inevitability. Well, it is no longer inevitable – in fact, Solumina can completely eliminate paperwork on the shop floor, increasing your operation’s efficiency, profitability, ability to shift and respond to developments. All the while, it makes traceability a snap – which leads us to our next video…

3. Meeting Traceability Requirements

The labyrinth of government regulations surrounding complex manufacturing and industries like aerospace, defense and nuclear has only grown more complicated – Byzantine, even – as time has passed. In this video, you’ll see how Solumina helps operations of all sizes manage traceability requirements, including supply chain projection, digitized versions of documents like material inspections and product feature inspection reports and a full, seamlessly integrated electronic search function. You can also say goodbye to trying to control traceability through serial units – and the attendant costs, inefficiencies and headaches – because this video will show you how to create granular, finite lot traceability on the shop floor.

4. Shop Floor Training in Complex Discrete Manufacturing

As America’s population ages and increasing numbers of senior engineers, mechanics and managers are approaching 20, 30 or more years in the industry, companies are scrambling to hire and retain the necessary talent they’ll need to ensure their operational continuity in the coming years. In light of this, the need for new approaches to training in the complex manufacturing field is becoming increasingly apparent. This video gives you the full breakdown on general, product-specific and process-specific training – and how to get the most effectiveness out of your limited training resources by leveraging your senior employee’s “tribal knowledge” before they drive off with it in that new RV on their way to a well-deserved retirement.

5. Labor Waste on the Shop Floor

Having the right training for your shop floor personnel is crucial – but so is ensuring you are using their abilities to the fullest. When experienced employees lose working hours to downtime, waste and inefficiency, you’re not just losing money, but hurting morale on the shop floor. This video shows how switching from a paper-based system to Solumina’s digital solution helps reduce waste, thereby improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your shop floor operations.

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