Greater Efficiency in Process Execution with Solumina

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Greater Efficiency in Process Execution with Solumina

process executionIf your company hasn’t gone paperless with an integrated software solution like Solumina, your employees are spending untold labor hours (and countless dollars) performing inefficient, redundant process execution.

Every moment they spend looking for misplaced or incorrectly filed work instructions, waiting for corrections or updates, or compiling disparate document histories for reports and graphs is a moment they aren’t doing the job they were hired to do. This not only hurts your bottom line, it negatively affects employee morale, making talent retention more difficult in the long run.

By converting away from a paper system to Solumina, you vanquish system-wide inefficiencies and redundant processes in one fell swoop. Our fully integrated solutions provide the following benefits to your workforce:

  • Preassembled “kits” for operators. Operators no longer need to hunt for all of the information they need before beginning a job. Solumina offers complete and current job information for every task. Work instructions come with links to pictures, drawings, specs and other media, as well as lists of parts and tools and up-to-date regulatory requirements and information. Employees never have to worry that they are viewing an obsolete version of a document, because Solumina automatically updates all documents system-wide.
  • No more “hurry up and wait.” Solumina automatically alerts operators when a condition somewhere in the process is holding up a job; in this way, Solumina drastically reduces unnecessary downtime, and keeps your employees productively (and happily) engaged with the work they were hired to do.
  • No more bulky literature to manage. Employees spend less time filing, printing, updating and searching for documents like books of standard procedures, printed work instructions, drawings, work orders (and their accompanying amendments) and more.
  • Smooth transitions to organization-wide process changes. Of course, going paperless is a big step, and trying to force any large process change too quickly can give an organization whiplash. We understand that the process of going paperless isn’t instantaneous and that’s why we built functionality into Solumina for transitionary periods, so that you can slowly move from a paper system to a paper-lite system, and finally banish paper from your organization altogether when it’s right for your organization to do so.
  • Customizable user interfaces. Every organization handles processes differently at various levels, from the executive to the departmental to the individual operator level. Employees have different specialties, spheres of influence and degrees of autonomy, so Solumina’s user interface is endlessly customizable to suit each individual’s level of responsibility within the organization. The user interface can also be customized to accommodate outfits that work units in batches or one at a time – operators only see options required for their present task and work center, and can use a system of easy-to-understand macros to simplify often-repeated commands.
  • Seamless data integration. Operators can collect and input data from an application situated squarely within the work instructions that is modeled on a classic, recognizable spreadsheet – making it easy for them to manage these tasks, and alerting them when they have entered data outside of specific control limits.

There are endless benefits to switching from a paper system to Solumina’s software suite – far too many to list here. But here is the bottom line: By making a smooth transition to paperless processes, you will not only save time and money, but improve intangible elements, like reducing organizational friction and increasing employee morale.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today, or visit to learn more. The only thing you have to lose is your company’s inefficiency.

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