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Paper Kills: Eliminate Paper Constraints

Does it feel like you are always chasing down a piece of paper? These days, it is more than just filling out paperwork that can be a struggle on the shop floor. Now you have to worry about tracking, logging and ensuring that paper gets routed to the right places.

In addition, there are quite a few administrative processes that go along with a paper-based system. For one, re-engineering your business practices is required to take full advantage of emerging technologies and eliminate the barriers that are created by paper. Besides eliminating paperwork, you will also see:

  • Improvements to the user interface
  • Streamlining of processes for continuous flows
  • Elimination of nonvalue-added steps
  • Empowerment of the workforce

Solumina eliminates the need for paper documents on the shop floor. It also removes the clerical work that is required to update, distribute and replace out-of-date documents. Our manufacturing software radically improves the efficiency of facilities’ shop floors.

If jumping into a paperless shop floor is too extreme, Solumina also supports a paper-lite phase to help transition shop floors to paperless processes. In addition to reducing paperwork and the costs associated with maintaining a paper-based system, Solumina’s enhanced work instructions greatly reduce learning curves and the potential for mistakes. As a result, operators spend more time doing the jobs they were trained to do, instead of looking for documents and waiting for corrections or repair instructions.

Download this free white paper, for more information on eliminating paper constraints on the shop floor.

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