OAGIS Building Business Object Documents in Collaboration with ISA and WBF

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OAGIS Building Business Object Documents in Collaboration with ISA and WBF

Research Triangle Park, NC (12 September 2007) — OAGIS will be building ISA-95 based Business Object Documents in collaboration with ISA95Standards Committee on Enterprise-Control Integration and WBF’s XMLWorking Group. The goal of the documents is to ensure that no matter which standard a customer or vendor implements, the two standards will interoperate.

“We’ve been listening to customers’ needs for years, and the ISA-95 content is very important to all of the manufacturing end users I have spoken with,” said David Connelly, CEO of the Open Applications Group. “Our work to create these documents brings real solutions to the end user.”

The decision, made during a mid-August OAGi Manufacturing WorkingGroup meeting involving representatives from IBM, Yokogawa, iBASEt,Boeing, Infor, ISA and WBF and others, reflects ongoing collaboration between ISA, WBF, and OAGi through the Open O&M Initiative. The Open O&M Initiative is a venture of ISA, MIMOSA, OAGi, OPC, and WBF, and supports development of business process models for data exchange between manufacturing operations management and business support systems.

The Open Applications Group is a not-for-profit open standards development organization building a standard called the Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS). The OAGIS standard covers data exchange requirements for business systems and applications, including manufacturing and operations management systems. The Open Applications Group Board of Directors voted earlier in the year to express the work of the ISA-95 working group in OAGIS, providing the end user a world class XML solution based on the popular and respected standard.

“The documents that will come from our collaboration with ISA andWBF will be the industry guidelines that customers need,” said Gary Sullivan of iBASEt. “Harmonizing standards is important work, and the industry will benefit from this ongoing collaboration.”

With the new initiative, ISA-95 will remain the foundation for the documents with OAGIS and B2MML sharing each other’s extensions and collaborating on the standards. OAGi and WBF will sign a Memorandum ofUnderstanding, and ISA and WBF will be invited to join the OAGi Partner Council when it is formed. OAGi will also have a representative on the ISA-95 committee.

“ISA-95 has contributed significant data exchange content and models supporting the manufacturing industry,” said ISA Director of Standards Services T.S. “Chip” Lee. “Since our standard has historically beenused in process manufacturing, and the OAGIS standard is typically usedin discrete manufacturing, our collaboration enables the further development of both standards. WBF’s XML Working Group’s Business to Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML) completes the package for the enduser.”

WBF’s XMLWorking Group recently released V0400 of B2MML. The enhancements in this version of the documentation include support for ISA-95 Part 5 Transactions, OAGIS messages, and UN/CEFACT corecomponents, while still maintaining backward compatibility to V0300.

“The work that the WBF XML Working Group has done, and especially their efforts to incorporate the work of ISA-95 and OAGIS into B2MML, makes the inclusion of these schemas a great fit for these OAGIS documents,” said WBF Chairman Maurice Wilkins.

For more information about the Open O&M Initiative, visit https://www.openoandm.org/.

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