Embracing the New Manufacturing Paradigms

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Embracing the New Manufacturing Paradigms

Ladeira Poonian recently shared her journey to becoming the CEO of iBASEt with an Executive MBA class at the University of Southern California. As a high-risk nurse by trade, she never thought she would be standing at the helm of a high-tech software company after the unfortunate passing of the founder and her husband, Amrik Poonian.

Her story is especially moving for me because I lived it, too. Ladeira’s my mom, and she is a great inspiration for me and our coworkers at iBASEt.

At USC, she recounted the many ups and downs, and lessons learned from running a successful organization. In addition to the many people depending on her, Ladeira was motivated to fulfill the legacy of her husband’s vision: to create a more efficient and practical approach to the manufacturing paradigm.

And that’s one reason why Ladeira is so proud of Solumina. It is exactly what Amrik envisioned for the software. Along with the experienced team surrounding her, Ladeira helped guide Solumina into the digital age – where a product’s lifecycle could be managed in a paperless environment.

This technology also gave birth to the concept of concurrent engineering where planning, execution and quality could coexist in one streamlined software application. Digitalizing the product’s lifecycle enables new data to be updated and maintained in real-time across the entire product platform, successfully feeding to all work flow processes. What once took months to accomplish can now be completed in days, if not hours.

My dad’s vision is being realized today with Solumina, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

For a plan of best practices for engineering and production, please read: “A Roadmap to Concurrent Engineering 2.0”.

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