Manufacturing Execution System • July 10, 2015

Manufacturing Operations Management Made the World Flat

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Manufacturing Operations Management Made the World Flat

The world is getting flatter. We’re text messaging anyone in the world in seconds. We’re having web meetings with video. One is virtually in the room halfway across the world.

Aerospace manufacturing has become more global too. European companies have set up shops in the United States. U.S. companies have set up shops in the Far East. It’s no surprise when an aircraft is assembled in one country and shipped halfway around the world to be finalized elsewhere. What used to take weeks of moving product, now only takes days. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t make complex manufacturing easier… in fact, it probably makes it more difficult. Aerospace manufacturers are now competing on speed and quality. Which means, a detailed, scalable, and industry specific Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system is now imperative for efficient, scalable production execution.

The bottom line is the MRO system must be as flexible as your business.

From moving product lines half way around the world, to reaching suppliers that may be in your backyard, or thousands of miles away in Singapore. The execution system must facilitate seamless communication of information across the entire product line – from suppliers to service centers – and be ‘one source of truth’ to the manufacturing or assembly progress. Understanding the needs such as composite out time tracking, to warranty requirements, to MRB online disposition are just a few of the needs A&D customers should expect in their execution system.

In 2014, over forty new A&D manufacturing facilities were built. This means the manufacturing environments are changing faster.  What has worked in the past, what has been able to be kept in house, what has been slow to progress is no longer acceptable. Your manufacturing operations should follow suit. If you are not on a MOM and MRO execution across all your shop floors, then you far behind the manufacturing curve. Market leaders are setting a fast pace in this area, redefining the nature of global production. If your current execution system is not integrated between operations, quality, supplier products, service centers, then you too, are falling behind in the race. Your execution system should facilitate your global operations and if it is not, then it’s time to start investing.

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