Enterprise Quality Management • September 8, 2016

Making the Case for Enterprise Quality Management Systems (EQMS)

Naveen Poonian Naveen Poonian

Today, the value of automating quality processes through Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) has been demonstrated across industries through greater agility and responsiveness, standardized processes, and lowered cost of quality. However, while case studies demonstrating value exist, quality leaders often lack the fundamental frameworks and evidence necessary to build a compelling business case to garner the executive commitment necessary to build truly world class quality.

In a recent post, we detailed a new e-book by LNS Research, “Quality Management in the Board Room,” which provides important data and direction for any company looking to improve quality management practices. Now, we’d like to share a more specific webinar on the subject matter in which LNS Research Analyst, Dan Jacob shares more about the study that provided the basis for that eBook on Quality Management.

Within the webinar, Jacob discusses all elements of the study, including demographics, business case research direction, components of the executive business case, evidence and justification, and recommendations. The study documents the extent to which quality management makes an impact across organizations; in particular, the importance of establishing quality as an executive priority seems to have a dramatic effect on the establishment of best practices.

According to Jacob, the gap between high and low maturity quality has remained relatively large over the five years LNS has conducted its quality management survey. Operational challenges include disparate systems and data sources, ineffective measurement of quality metrics, and the departmentalization of quality (i.e., quality understood as a department, not an organizational responsibility). The information discussed within this webinar indicates the following top challenges quality leaders have in meeting current industry trends:

  • Difficulties in improving operational excellence
  • Problems in leveraging and deploying technology
  • Lack of operational flexibility
  • Difficulties in capital project management

Other important topics covered in this webinar recording include:

  • Compelling events in executive sponsorship
  • Quality maturity model
  • Operational architecture—the convergence of IT and operational technology
  • The master business case—communicating the value of quality management to the executive team
  • The importance of incremental development
  • Justification metrics for quality management
  • Six steps to take now to move toward better quality management

To hear this important research in detail, you can access the webinar recording below.

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