Looking to Increase Your Shop Floor Efficiency?

iBASEtblogLooking to Increase Your Shop Floor Efficiency?



Looking to Increase Your Shop Floor Efficiency?

Click here to watch video about increasing shop floor efficiency

Click here to watch video about increasing shop floor efficiency

Are you are struggling to deal with traceability and regulatory requirements? You are not alone. There can be requirements for practically all of your complex processes; it may seem like your entire business is run according to them.

Typically, complex, discrete manufacturers struggle because of two scenarios:

  • They have a point (or silo) solution, but it isn’t integrated with the rest of the enterprise.
  • They have no solution, and are dealing with paper and manual systems.

In either situation, the biggest concern is whether or not the shop floor is performing properly, and the organization is building safe, quality products in an efficient and profitable manner. As long as that is happening, shop floor managers are content.

But if a stress – such as meeting a customer’s deliverables, a change takes place in a product or the customer finds a defect – is added to the system, are you still able to track those changes and meet those regulatory requirements easily on paper? What happens if a change occurs that impacts your supply chain? Are you confident that you will be able to meet the many requirements associated with traceability?

The best solution for these issues is to have an integrated electronic system that reaches into the supply chain. This type of system will:

  • Record all traceability information
  • Deliver product and process change to the shop floor in real time
  • Be proactive in assisting, identifying and solving problems before they occur

Don’t let paperwork turn into a headache; let a system that integrates operations (MES), quality (QMS), maintenance (MRO) and the suppler network (SQA) automatically track and meet traceability and regulatory requirements for you.

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