• Picking the Right MES

    Jan Snoeij continues this educational series with a focus on why not all MES solutions are created equal. Different MES applications have specialized capabilities that are critical to understand and evaluate. One size does not fit all. The right MES for your organization depends upon your production and quality process as well as customer expectations in today’s digital world.

  • What is IT/OT Convergence?

    Hear industry expert Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute, take a closer look at IT and OT convergence.

  • It is Time to Rethink the RFP Process for MES

    Are you preparing an RFP for an MES? If so, be sure to watch this webinar so your RFP is structured to take advantage of new capabilities now possible.

  • Patria / Belgium Engine Center’s Journey to Digital MRO Operations

    The team at Patria / Belgium Engine Company (PBEC) sought to upgrade both their ERP and MRO operations to remove manual, paper-based processes. Little did they know that this journey would be like climbing a glacier. Hear this amazing story of perseverance to replace paper-based processes with digital workflows.

  • Why Today is a Great Time to Retire a Legacy MES

    Next-generation manufacturing execution systems can now be implemented in 90 days or less with a modular architecture to enable greater speed and efficiency in operations. Watch this webinar to better understand the decision process and hear what options are now possible that can be started today. This presentation will reflect changes that have occurred in the past 60 days with insight into the future impact on the MES industry.

  • Industrial Transformation (IX) in Aerospace & Defense

    Industrial Transformation (IX) is one of the most important trends in today’s industrial corporations and Aerospace & Defense (A&D) companies are leading the charge! LNS Research Principal Analyst Tom Comstock presents, “Industrial Transformation (IX) in Aerospace & Defense,” reviewing the findings from a recent LNS global survey to identify the best practices and life lessons found in the A&D industry.

  • Success with Solumina – FAI & PPV Management

    In this Webinar, you’ll learn about First Article Inspection and Production Process Verification functionality of Solumina and how to apply them to your quality initiatives, digital transformation goals, and overall approach of “doing things better.” FAI/PPV is a tricky beast and so often we don’t adhere to the rules. Solumina drives that adherence so you don’t have to “think twice” about compliance.

  • Purchased Product Information and How It Plays into the Digital Manufacturing Strategy

    With over 80% of purchased products going into assemblies, it is important to understand the impact of the information of these purchased products into the digital supply chain. Where does the information go? How is it used? How it is managed? There is a minefield of information to leverage to increase our efficiency, reduce rework and provide complete as-built information.

  • Connecting Views of As-Designed to As-Built with iBASEt’s New PLM Connector for TeamCenter

    The wide gap between engineering and the shop floor systems is ever-present, resulting in scattered teams that are unable to efficiently manage data silos and incorporate last-minute design changes. To close that gap, iBASEt has created a customizable Integration Adaptor that uses automation to create a digital network of communication between engineering (PLM) and production (MES) systems, moving manufacturers one step closer towards completion of their digital transformation journey.

  • Digital Manufacturing’s Applicability in Sustainment Operation

    The importance of efficiently collecting data within A&D (Aerospace and Defense) today has never been more stringent. The end user and compliance agencies require current and historical information to be accurate and readily available digitally. This includes all maintenance, repair, and overhaul information from sustainment processes.

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