Join Us for a Live MES vs. MOM Debate!

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January 15 , 2014 | Posted by iBASEt | No Comments

Join Us for a Live MES vs. MOM Debate!

shop floor workers - mes vs. momOn Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST, iBASEt’s Conrad Leiva, will join a panel of industry experts to deliberate on the merits of the term MES vs. MOM (Manufacturing Execution System vs. Manufacturing Operations Management).

Camp MOM wants to embrace it as the new term for manufacturing systems while Camp MES doesn’t see value in adding another software term in the marketplace. Topics include terminology history, usefulness, relationships to data models and how the marketplace could benefit from consistency.

Hosted by MESA International, the webcast features MESA’s Technical Committee Chair and moderator, Khris Kammer, and three other long-time MESA contributors including Dennis Brandl, Gerhard Greeff and Gary Mintchell.

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