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Introducing Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) for Solumina

Providing an excellent reporting and analysis tool to complement Solumina is of great value for any iBASEt customer. We’re proud to now offer iBASEt Manufacturing Intelligence to all Solumina customers with the introduction of Manufacturing Intelligence (MI).

The goal of MI is straightforward— to improve visibility of operations both in and across plants to align decision making with business performance targets.

Advantages of MI for Solumina

  • Supportes critical decision making by putting the desired data at the user’s fingertips. With MI it’s easy to drill down, pull out, slice and dice Solumina data.
  • Provides global visibility over time and in real-time to address and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. MI can easily bring information from different plants within an organization to make comparison between them easy.
  • Improves responsiveness and agility across the enterprise.

With MI, Solumina users (e.g., planners, production managers, line supervisors, quality personnel, etc.) will have immediate access to data necessary for answering key questions such as:

What is holding us back?

MI makes it easy to see holds for the current month or week, the duration of each hold, what work orders they affect, and what type of hold it is.

Which areas need improvement?

MI delivers detailed metrics across KPIs and functional areas.

Where should we invest to improve?

By leveraging and analyzing Solumina data, MI helps users identify which areas can be improved to greatest advantage, prioritizing focus and investment where ROI and potential improvement is highest.

How well are we estimating time?

MI offers backlog metrics that illuminate the reasons for delay— and the best actions to remedy them.

How is our quality process?

MI makes it easy to track and analyze defects— how many have occurred, what type, what kind of discrepancies are evident, reject rates, scrap rates, first pass yield, etc.

Are process improvements working?

MI’s ability to report on metric trends over designated time periods makes it easy to understand how and if process improvement efforts are effective. By comparing actual to projected results, the guesswork of process improvement progress is eliminated.

MI comes at the fraction of the cost of an internally built solution, which would require a significant allocation of dedicated IT personnel to complete. Manufacturing Intelligence can be used with Solumina G8, and will be issued in multiple releases: the first delivering historical data (i.e., acting as a Data Warehouse); the second providing fully featured real-time business intelligence.

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