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Industry Luminary Conrad Leiva Invited to Speak at Deltek Insight 2016

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iBase-t is proud to announce that Conrad Leiva, Vice President of Product Strategy and Alliance will be presenting as part of two different speaking sessions at Deltek Insight 2016.

Deltek Insight 2016

Deltek Insight brings together customers, partners and industry experts for an unmatched four-day learning and networking experience. Hundreds of unique sessions are offered, including product training, discussions of best practices, case studies and business strategies. Containing dedicated areas and programs for the purpose of joining like-minded business professionals, Insight is designed to both maximize networking and engagement among attendees and connect people with the colleagues and topics most relevant to their interests.

The Path to the Connected Digital Enterprise

Leiva will be presenting the first of his speaking session at the conference on Wednesday, November 16th at 10:05 am titled “The Path to the Connected Digital Enterprise”. In this session, Leiva will be focusing on the what are the latest trends in Project Manufacturing. He will discuss with attendees how manufacturers are exploring new ways of creating and capturing value. In this session, attendees will be given an overview to learn more about the building blocks to the fourth industrial revolution.

The Price of Non-Conformance

Leiva will also be presenting at a second speaking session on Wednesday, November 16th at 2 pm which is titled “The Price of Non-Conformance” which will give attendees a chance to discuss one of the key factors in lean manufacturing which is enhancing product quality while effectively minimizing manufacturing costs. In this session, Leiva will discuss how many times quality costs can make or break your project’s profitability. Attendees of this session will have the chance to learn about non-conformance related costs including supply chain, in-process, rework and post delivery costs and ways to minimize them.

If you missed the session presentation, download our eBook, “Quality Gains Without The Pains,” to get caught up to speed:

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