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IDC Research Confirms Value of Microservices Architecture

IDC Research Confirms Value of Microservices Architecture

IDC Research shows strong value from microservices-based digital platforms improve operational resiliency

Today iBASEt revealed new findings from an IDC research study, “Enabling Operational Resiliency through a Microservices Architecture.” iBASEt is the sponsor of this report, so is providing free access to share the findings. Download your free copy of this research here.

The IDC study addresses a range of challenges manufacturers face in responding to supply chain disruption, evolving government/regulatory requirements, and shifting production requirements to meet demand for their goods and services. According to the research, manufacturers that utilize a digital platform to modernize their operations, ideally using a microservice architecture, are more likely meet today’s current challenges. 

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Operations strategies are pivoting toward resilient decision making that requires bringing OT and IT together into a digital engineering function
  • The underpinning execution systems must become more extensible to enable resiliency
  • A way to modernize and standardize these manufacturing systems is to them on a microservice architecture

In the report, IDC explains that as the pace of change has accelerated in 2020, the need for an agile Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has become even more pronounced. Manufacturers can no longer waste months scoping and implementing an MES that becomes outdated shortly after it goes live.

According to IDC’s research. “iBASEt’s shift to execution systems that are built on a microservice architecture with open APIs will help manufacturers enable the resiliency demanded in the digital economy.”

Manufacturers must now look to modernize and standardize on manufacturing execution systems built on microservice architectures with open API integration to take full advantage of future technology and process innovation that is now progressing at a rapid pace. This strategy can then effectively unify enterprise systems and maintain digital continuity – bringing together design, execution, performance management, process improvement, and situational awareness.

Digital technologies are proven enablers of transformation and resiliency, and manufacturers of every size must embrace these tools. However, having the right infrastructure for operations is a critical part that is often overlooked by the industry.

iBASEt Microservices Capabilities 

iBASEt recently launched Solumina iSeries, the industry’s first agile platform for industrial manufacturers that leverages dozens of pre-configured microservices to simplify how complex manufacturing operations are executed.  The timing of managing distance requirements of the current global pandemic coupled with a drive to improve efficiency and performance has generated substantial interest in this exciting new technology. Read the report to gain further insights into what possible benefits are possible in addition to competitive advantages.

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