Supplier Quality Management • February 11, 2015

How Supplier Quality Helps Pilots Excel

Shawn Maguire Shawn Maguire

Supplier quality impacts every phase of the airline industry’s value chain.

From the initial supplier quality qualifications, audits and sourcing requirements to production and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), all aspects of jet production are predicated on quality management.  The following video highlights how quality has a direct effect on airline customers’ experiences and enables pilots to excel at what they do.

Supplier Quality Frees Up Pilots To Excel  

Freeing pilots up to not have to worry about the quality of their jets gives them a chance to focus on what they do best: which is deliver great flights and keep passengers safe.  In this short documentary by Air Transat about their new Boeing 737, the pilots’ stories demonstrate how proud and excited they are about flying the aircraft.  And all that happens when quality is built-in to each phase of the supply chain, production, MRO and service, galvanizing the entire value chain together.

Bottom Line

iBase-t’s mission is to make flying safe, profitable and pleasurable by ensuring quality dominates every aspect of the aerospace value chain.

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