Four Features that Set Solumina Apart

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Four Features that Set Solumina Apart

There are many reasons that you may be looking for an MES system. You may want to streamline work instructions, improve your change management practices or track your inspection results more easily. These are all areas that will improve with an MES, but you may also want to consider expanding your project reach to more than just your shop floor.

Solumina has top-to-bottom integration from the moment a purchase order is issued to a supplier – extending across a product’s entire lifecycle – and including the maintenance and repairs. It is a true product lifecycle execution system.

Four major features that are unique to Solumina are:

  1. Specialized: Solumina was designed specifically for the complex, discrete world. Products that are multifaceted and highly regulated are Solumina’s area of expertise.
  2. Integrated: Solumina tracks all of the information from suppliers, through your process planning and execution, all the way through delivery to your customers. It also tracks those end-user customer issues that happen in the field with total visibility.
  3. Real Time: Because Solumina is one integrated system, anybody with access into the product can see everything that is happening in the system in real time, including the supplier network.
  4. ROI: Solumina offers a great deal of capability directly out of the box. In fact, facilities are often up and running in a matter of a few months, as opposed to 18 months to two years as many facilities have experienced with other solutions. Your return on investment is realized much faster than any other product.

To hear more about Solumina’s integrated, out-of-the-box capabilities for the complex, discrete manufacturer, watch this video.

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