Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) versus Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

iBASEtblogEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) versus Manufacturing Execution System (MES)



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) versus Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

ERPs have a very important function in the enterprise landscape that includes handling the financials, costing, capacity planning, order fulfillment, procurement and inventory control. There has been a lot of effort put into ERP upgrades from legacy initiatives, just-in-time manufacturing, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and other regulations that made organizations invest a great deal into ERP.

ERPs have been expanding their footprint to include a lot of manufacturing functions, but it is really hard for any system to try to do everything for the entire organization unless the needs of the organization are simple. For most of our customer base in complex manufacturing, there are deeper needs on the shop floor—that’s where MES comes into play.

Industries with complex manufacturing processes need more functionality depth in terms of work instructions on the job floor, change management practices, tracking inspection results in detail, doing statistical process control, and performing process control procedures that go beyond the functionality of the typical ERP.

Many companies are recognizing a need to go beyond the typical ERP system and are looking for a fully configured MES solution to handle the complex requirements involved in manufacturing. What’s even more beneficial is that MES software solutions like Solumina® have the ability to integrate to ERP solutions so data can easily flow from MES to ERP, thereby giving decision makers a more accurate picture of real-time costs, work-in-progress, and other reportable statistics.

For more information on the benefits of MES vs. ERP for the shop floor, please read: The Right Tool for your Shop Floor: Contrasting ERP and MES Solutions

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