Do You Know What’s Happening on your Shop Floor?

iBASEtblogDo You Know What’s Happening on your Shop Floor?



Do You Know What’s Happening on your Shop Floor?

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Click here to watch a video about the importance of visibility on your shop floor.

If you do not know what is happening on the shop floor, chances are that it is not what you intended to have happen. A typical complex, discrete shop floor can use anywhere from 30 to 45 different systems. When 50 percent of these systems work off paper or are disjointed, it can be extremely difficult to know the specifics of a defect and how to address it. Instead of sifting through dozens of boxes of paperwork to discover which units were affected, many companies use a shotgun approach and redo any unit that could have been affected. The costs of this approach can be enormous, to say the least.

Visibility is not limited to whether or not the correct parts were produced; complete visibility is in the details. For example:

  • Was the part at the right configuration?
  • Were employees working on a part correctly certified?
  • Were the correct changes made, based on the most recent engineering changes?

Not knowing this information can cost a company up to 15 percent of their cost of goods sold. Your profits are financing scrap, rework, obsolescence and people working on a part revision that is not the most current.

A system like Solumina, which is more than just your typical Manufacturing Execution System (MES), will provide complete visibility of your shop floor and wrap all of your 30-45 different systems worth of data into one unified environment. Everything you wanted to know about who designed the product, who worked on it, what went right, what went wrong, who did the corrections on it, and whether or not it met the final specifications is now in one easily viewable environment.


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