Bridging the Gap Between Cost Control and Quality: Four Videos to Watch

iBASEtblogBridging the Gap Between Cost Control and Quality: Four Videos to Watch



Bridging the Gap Between Cost Control and Quality: Four Videos to Watch

cost control and qualityOne of the most difficult elements of managing an MRO outfit is finding a way to cost control the drivers of quality. Of course, every company struggles to engineer out variability and implement strategies to deal with unplanned quality costs, like obsolescence and scrap rework. However, many supervisors and executives aren’t aware of how much force their system’s inefficiencies exert on rising costs, as well. Too many companies struggle with a Byzantine array of disparate systems that create major amounts of redundancy in planning, process execution and verification – rather than adopting a single, comprehensive, integrated system like Solumina that streamlines their processes.

Today, we want to share four videos with you that will help you get a firm grasp on cost control of your drivers without sacrificing the high quality standards your customers have come to depend on. Let’s get started:

1. Why Do Organizations Struggle with Controlling Cost Drivers? In this video, we’ll show you the importance of clear, concise work instructions in controlling quality cost drivers – especially to newer workers who have yet to make expensive mistakes due to their inexperience.

2. Best Practices for Reducing the Cost of Quality. In this video, we discuss the importance of kaizen events – when a company rounds up everyone involved in a process for a candid discussion of that process – to give those in charge of controlling costs the on-the-ground intelligence they need to make critical decisions.

3. Reducing the Cost of Regulatory Compliance. Companies operating in complex industries like aerospace, defense and nuclear understand the costs associated with regulatory compliance. There are a host of quality regulations – to say nothing of safety, export control and myriad others – from an alphabet soup of organizations like OSHA, ISO, ITAR and more. This video will demonstrate how Solumina’s paperless software solution can make regulatory compliance a natural extension of your existing processes.

4. Integrated Quality Management. By switching to Solumina, you have quality functionality seamlessly integrated into your processes themselves, eliminating duplication of effort and the cost of producing quality reports for government or customer reporting purposes.

No company should ever have to sacrifice quality to get a handle on costs. With Solumina, you get the best of both worlds. Contact us today.

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