Aerospace & Defense • June 10, 2017

Cirrus Aircraft Receives Enterprise Technology Leadership Award

Tom Hennessey Tom Hennessey

iBase-t is proud to congratulate our partner, Cirrus Aircraft, for winning the 2017 Manufacturing Leadership Award from Enterprise Technology Leadership by Frost & Sullivan.

iBase-t helped Cirrus Aircraft manage the transition from component to systematic configuration management. This included streamlining inspection and conformity processes, maintaining safety for test pilots, consolidating as-built and as-tested records, and expediting production approval.

With iBase-t’s Solumina, Cirrus Aircraft streamlined the reconciliation process and the ability to successfully scale the Vision SF50 program. As a result, Cirrus Aircraft was successful in becoming more efficient in their ability to compile and analyze key data for conformity, which has been a large manual effort in the past.

In this process, Cirrus Aircraft had success in delivering and realizing greater value with improvements in the below areas:

  • Reduced paper
  • Improved quality stops
  • Quality built in to reduce errors
  • Handle thousands of work orders- scale production- full visibility
  • Ability to set up many process plans

According to Frost & Sullivan: “Winners of the 2017 ML Awards have proven vision and innovation are alive and well in the manufacturing industry. By embracing the technology-driven transformation that we call Manufacturing 4.0, innovating new business models, and leveraging engaged work forces, these leaders are laying the groundwork for a new era of greater productivity in manufacturing.”

ML Awards winners and their partners will be honored on June 14, 2017, at a Gala Celebration that concludes the 13th annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit in Huntington Beach, California.

In addition to Cirrus Aircraft being recognized, iBase-t is also being recognized for the partnership and our help in facilitating the successful nomination and playing a significant role in enabling this award-winning project.

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