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Gartner Gives iBASEt Top Marks in Complex Discrete Manufacturing

iBASEtblog Digital ManufacturingGartner Gives iBASEt Top Marks in Complex Discrete Manufacturing



Gartner Gives iBASEt Top Marks in Complex Discrete Manufacturing

Gartner analyst Rick Franzosa recently released a report entitled, Critical Capabilities for Manufacturing Execution Systems. iBASEt stood out in the report in two categories – Complex Discrete Engineer-to-Order, and Complex Discrete Make-to-Order.

iBASEt competed for top spot with Siemens Camstar PLM software, well ahead of generic MES suites that try to cater to all verticals. Both products are highly specialized packages addressed to distinct verticals and styles of manufacturing. Siemens Camstar is solidly focused on electronics, semiconductor and medical device industries. iBASEt, Gartner noted, is the leader in complex discrete — make to order and complex discrete — engineer to order use cases for aerospace and defense. However, our clients are not exclusively in these industries. We also have domain expertise in electronics, industrial equipment, nuclear and medical devices.

Gartner gave iBASEt high marks for track/trace/genealogy/compliance, quality and data management, production execution/workflow and ERP integration. When the analyst firm interviewed our client references, they spoke highly about these strengths, as well as how easy it was to implement iBASEt, and how well it integrated with PLM/PDM packages. Developing a strong focus on a closely defined set of use cases was a successful strategy for iBASEt, said Gartner.

Additionally, iBASEt scored well on product suite (MOM) extensions, architectural maturity, UI/UX, production equipment integration, and for its support of analytics, reporting and performance. Recent enhancements such as a reengineered user experience and greater PLM, ERP and automation integration capabilities were also noted positively in the report.

Purchase Wisely

This report makes it clear just how important it is to evaluate and purchase MES and PLM software wisely. Franzosa repeatedly stated that vendors focused on a narrow set of verticals and use cases have the most capabilities specific to those fields. This is clearly reflected in higher scores compared to those attempting generic offerings that span most verticals.

That’s why Gartner recommends that the MES evaluation process begins with a definition of the use case and manufacturing style. Diverse manufacturing environments may even have to implement more than one package if their operations include two separate styles. Further advice is to make sure the preferred vendor has domain expertise in your industry.

Franzosa gave an example in the food and beverage industry. MES software should be specifically tailored to that field. The uniqueness of this vertical (and any other vertical) requires software that is finely tuned to its requirements. Attempting to shoehorn a generic package into a food and beverage operation is likely to be harrowing for all concerned.

In sectors like food and beverage and medical products, differing manufacturing styles can exist – sometimes side by side in the same plant. As a result, separate MES packages may well be needed to accommodate each style. For example, it isn’t smart to try to force a part of the plant running on a continuous process style to adopt the MES software used nearby for a batch/repetitive process operation. Yes, it may reduce licensing costs in the short term. But hefty customization and maintenance charges as well as manufacturing slowdowns will inevitably result.

Gartner conceded that standardization on one vendor for ERP or PLM may be successful. But it isn’t feasible for MES. Reason: no one vendor excels at everything. Vendors geared to a certain style and vertical are the ones that should come out ahead if the evaluation process is carried out correctly.

The iBASEt Digital Manufacturing Suite has deep domain expertise in aerospace, defense, electronics, industrial equipment, nuclear and medical devices. And Gartner has recognized it as the leader in complex discrete manufacturing when it comes to make to order and engineer to order use cases.

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