Does Commercial Software Fit Your Manufacturing Operations Management Style?

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November 26 , 2014 | Posted by Conrad Leiva | No Comments

Does Commercial Software Fit Your Manufacturing Operations Management Style?

Manufacturing-Operations-Management-Software-Poor-Fit-2014The IYNO Advisors group recently release the results of a 2014 survey on Project Manufacturing Issues and Trends. The survey compiled answers from over 250 companies serving both commercial and
defense sectors.

Project based manufacturers deal with a high level of complexity, regulatory and contractual requirements. However, the research showed that there is a lack of modern commercial information
systems in use at these companies. Over 50% of respondents depend on a combination of spreadsheet and homegrown solutions for managing operations.

The performance leaders in the survey expressed the importance of moving forward from the legacy of paper and spreadsheet-based processes. Integrated information systems are critical to obtaining a better level of coordination and visibility among internal departments and achieving improved business results.

Why such a low adoption of commercial software?

One of the questions in the survey asked about the “fit” of commercial applications to the specific type of manufacturing. Most companies felt that add-on or custom applications were needed to complement commercial solutions. Only 13.3% felt they had found a software with a good fit for their industry.

I wonder how long ago these companies went shopping for commercial solutions? I hope they take another look because commercial software offerings for manufacturing have matured a lot in recent years and a few vendors, like iBASEt, have developed in depth functionality for these specific industries.

What are the surveyed companies doing to improve?
The top 4 initiatives listed for process improvement where:
1. Improve project/program management
2. Improve efficiency of manufacturing operations management
3. Increase focus on Lean for operational excellence
4. Synchronize operational and corporate metrics


“Doing Projects and Programs Right… Rare but Possible”, Industry Insights, Julie Fraser, 2014

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