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CMMI: A Standard for Software Developers, and Why It Matters

iBASEt has been awarded a Level 3 certification for CMMI Development, a significant milestone that recognizes the company’s serious commitment to continuous improvement as an integrated component of the product development process.
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How APQP Plays a Critical Role in a Digital Thread

What makes APQP so important is that it provides a framework for focusing on product quality early in the design process and includes the perspective of how production processes affect final component quality.
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Quality Assurance, Control & Management – Are they Similar or ...

With so many manufacturers focusing on operational excellence and global competition a given, it is not surprising that quality has become a critical control point. Manufacturers have variously deployed quality control (QC), quality management (QM) and/or quality assurance (QA), or product assurance (PA) in complex discrete manufacturing to drive quality throughout their operations.
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How MES Can Improve The New Product Introduction Process

Becoming a digital master with New Product Introduction will set you apart and become a critical part of staying competitive. And with MES, you can do so with far better performance that can accelerate your new product launches to top speed.
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Q&A on The Importance of Software Acceptance Testing Webinar

The theme of our fourth educational webinar, The Importance of End User Acceptance, was a reminder of how important it is to engage with those who will be using an MES or any other IT system as part of the implementation. Here's a summary of what was discussed.
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