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5 Benefits of the IIoT in Manufacturing

The IIoT is no longer a distant promise for the future. It’s here today. And, it’s one more reason to embrace digital transformation in your manufacturing enterprise.
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MES, ERP & PLM Integration: A Blueprint for Success

The digital transformation that underlies Industry 4.0 relies on capturing contextual data and aggregating it in such a way to improve decision support and operational excellence.
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Digital Cloth Is the Fabric of Industry 4.0

For companies that accept they need to weave all their loose threads together into a digital cloth, here is a blueprint on how to begin that process as part of their journey towards an Industry 4.0 future.
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Weaving Digital Threads into a Digital Cloth

A Digital Thread provides the data framework, and the reality is that multiple threads are coexisting, which sometimes resemble a tangled ball of virtual string. The solution to untangling these multiple threads and providing true cross-silo and multi-enterprise data flows is to weave the digital threads into a Digital Cloth.
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