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Leveling the Technology Playing Field for A&D SMEs

In order to increase their competitiveness, most tier-one A&D OEMs are demanding their suppliers invest in similar and compatible technology that drives the business across the entire product lifecycle. One way to level the playing field with the large companies is to adopt the same technology they use but in a way that keeps it affordable. 
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Five Trends Shaping the Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Industry

These are just a few of the important trends in a rapidly transforming industry. Aerospace & Defense is being thrust into disruption and innovation, but the good news is that digital technology has matured and is ready to respond to the new environment.
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5 Steps to Building A High Value Digital Ecosystem for Manufacturing

McKinsey has been giving heavy emphasis to the need to forming a digital B2B ecosystem in MRO and manufacturing. One of the points stressed was the importance and value of creating a digital ecosystem that spans the entire supply chain.
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Create a Digital Ecosystem by Taking a Cue from the Tech Giants

Continue reading to see how existing digital platforms provided by the tech giants could be a potential threat to the spare parts business that many Aerospace & Defense manufacturers have come to rely upon as part of their business model. This post will explore the merit of this prediction and what steps can be taken to minimize this threat as part of a digital transformation strategy.
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