Author: Gordon Benzie

Gordon Benzie has 20+ years of leadership experience in marketing and communication roles. This knowledge was gained while working at software solution providers focused on driving digital transformation across industrial operations. As an avid technologist, Gordon has a deep understanding of how today’s technologies are improving manufacturing processes within discrete, hybrid, and process industries. Follow Gordon on LinkedIn.

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Are You Ready to Join Your Industry Ecosystem?

Industry ecosystems are evolving rapidly, driven by powerful economic forces, and they will have a lasting impact on how manufacturers view and manage their partners, their industries, and even themselves.
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iBASEt to Present at Inaugural Excellence Club Aerospace Awards

This media alert announced Evan Sloss, Director of EMEA Operations, will present at the Excellence Club Awards. He will share insights from what iBASEt customers have achieved with their investment in digital operations and the corresponding business value that has been generated.
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iBASEt Completes Manufacturing Think Tank Series

This press release announced the completion of a virtual think tank series with Frost & Sullivan and DXC. The hosted discussion brought together manufacturing industry experts to gain insights on how to more successfully achieve a digital transformation across their manufacturing operations.
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What Makes a Successful Digital Leader?

Here's five traits that a digital leader must have. The digital future is arriving quickly. Will you be ready to lead the charge?
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iBASEt Launches Knowledge-Centered Service to Support Customer Growth

This press release announced the launch of a Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) program that is intended to simplify resolution of customer support inquiries. As a self-service support program, its aim is to improve support productivity as iBASEt continues its growth trajectory. 
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