Are You Struggling to Control your Shop Floor System?

iBASEtblogAre You Struggling to Control your Shop Floor System?



Are You Struggling to Control your Shop Floor System?

When you are living in a paper-based manufacturing environment, sorting through a mountain of paperwork does not lend itself to cost effectiveness or lean principals. Visibility often gets lost throughout the paper process.

Many times, facilities try to incorporate disparate electronic systems from different departments to solve this problem. Unfortunately, information gets lost in the shuffle. You have to dedicate resources to compile the information, but that method quickly becomes tedious and error prone.

Solumina is a totally integrated product, tracking everything that happens on the shop floor and making it immediately available. You now have the ability to track multiple processes and workflows in your environment and know immediately if an issue arises on the shop floor. Having all that information in one complete system gives you total visibility and control directly at your fingertips.

For more information on improving visibility on the shop floor, please follow this link.

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