iBASEt étend son offre de digitalisation grâce à Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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février 22, 2021
Forbes spoke with iBASEt’s CEO, Naveen Poonian, on how supply chain visibility is impacting lean manufacturing best practices, in the [...]
février 11, 2021
iBASEt named as a Rising Star, defined by ISG’s definition as a company with a “promising portfolio” and “high future [...]
janvier 7, 2021
iBASEt's Solumina platform streamlines and simplifies work processes and offers deep visibility into workflows across factories to support shop floor [...]
janvier 6, 2021
The year 2020 has been a challenging one for manufacturers. After the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic and its [...]
janvier 5, 2021
If you don’t know your destination and head in the wrong direction, your digital threads could leave you needing a [...]
janvier 4, 2021
Would you like just one supplier, or is it best to have a few equally capable providers so as to [...]
décembre 11, 2020
As the end of this pandemic starts to become more of a reality, I suspect many of the changes that [...]
novembre 23, 2020
Digital transformation can help companies meet supply chain challenges and shortages. But what does supply chain digital transformation mean? [...]
octobre 8, 2020
With digitalization impacting all areas of manufacturing operations, it should come as no surprise that medical device producers must adapt [...]
août 21, 2020
Today, a highly automated, advanced manufacturing plant in the U.S. can be just as cost-effective as those operating in other [...]
août 4, 2020
As a medical device manufacturer, D&K is tasked with quickly ramping up new, complex engineering and production processes within a [...]
juillet 29, 2020
Quality 4.0, like Industry 4.0, takes a data-driven approach to quality performed during the production ecosystem, including how to manage [...]
juillet 8, 2020
The iBASEt Solumina QuickStart simplifies the complex by empowering customers to implement, run, and manage a Manufacturing Execution System from [...]
juin 23, 2020
Harnessing technology is the key to success back in the U.S., which includes automation, robotics, and the device-interconnected Internet of [...]
juin 11, 2020
A Q&A with Kenzo Takai, Director of Innovation at iBASEt. [...]
juin 11, 2020
HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company today announced its partnership with iBASEt, a leading provider of manufacturing, quality [...]
juin 5, 2020
Despite today’s challenges, we are in what some have called the “golden age of data." [...]
juin 4, 2020
A&D manufacturers with complex processes and compliance requirements should be evaluating iBASEt for their IX and MES/MOM programs. “Out of [...]
mai 24, 2020
Solumina* MES peut aujourd’hui être déployée rapidement au travers d’AWS Quick Start permettant d’accélérer la transformation numérique au service d’activités [...]
avril 22, 2020
This post talks with MES software provider, iBASEt, about the use of MES software for manufacturers, including the features and [...]
mars 30, 2020
A promising offshoot of today’s digital transformation is the possibility of an online bazaar of aircraft parts. [...]
février 26, 2020
Continue reading to learn how the intelligence captured in a digital thread can identify changes needed to manage engineering in [...]
février 3, 2020
With Release 16 on the horizon, the enterprise is about to see 5G connectivity at more IoT endpoints than ever [...]
janvier 8, 2020
Quick Start deploys iBASEt Solumina Manufacturing Execution System (MES) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 1.5–2 hours. [...]
décembre 19, 2019
The future workforce must be skilled to succeed in the age of digital transformation. [...]
décembre 19, 2019
Sung Kim, the CTO from iBASEt has much to explain and show about his and iBASEt’s approach to Agile MES. [...]
novembre 8, 2019
Out-of-the-box installation of software solution provides manufacturing efficiency and organization-wide compliance. [...]
novembre 6, 2019
For years, the belief that the seamless, transparent, and real-time flow of communication can improve the results of supply-chain collaboration [...]
septembre 10, 2019
The time has come to to equip a new generation of tech-savvy factory workers. Continue reading to learn about high-tech [...]
août 13, 2019
iBASEt's Digital Manufacturing software offers solutions for streamlining and integrating Manufacturing Execution System and Operations Management (MES/MOM), Maintenance, Repair and [...]
juillet 16, 2019
Many new technologies are being introduced these days into manufacturing operations, yet the Manufacturing Execution System (MES)—which has been around [...]
juillet 11, 2019
Philippe Boissat, Managing Director EMEA of iBASEt, specialist in the modernization and optimization of complex production processes, presents Digital Solutions [...]
juin 25, 2019
It has been nearly a year since California-based iBASEt set up shop in Toulouse. More specifically, the company has decided [...]
juin 21, 2019
Software vendor iBASEt is collaborating collaboration with AWS, as part of Amazon Web Services’ Smart Factory program, to bring a [...]
juin 10, 2019
The challenge of managing major change within an ongoing enterprise can be tricky. Production management involving sophisticated and highly regulated [...]
mai 28, 2019
Lockheed Martin has selected a digital manufacturing suite from manufacturing software company iBASEt for its military aeronautics division. The digital [...]
mai 2, 2019
Arriving to much fanfare, the X-35 concept first took shape in a 1997 government competition, and in 2001, Lockheed Martin’s [...]
avril 1, 2019
In an era characterized by rapid, wholesale digitization of communication, commerce, and industry, some of the most thrillingly futuristic technologies [...]
mars 14, 2019
The U.S. government spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined, and experts predict spending will rise 3 [...]
janvier 7, 2019
As organizations embark on smart manufacturing transformation initiatives, it is easy to get focused on the technology aspects and underestimate [...]
décembre 4, 2018
As businesses gain confidence in the use of cloud technology for manufacturing, they are adopting these cloud applications in greater [...]
novembre 1, 2018
It is all too common in the industry: A part design is created and sent out for production only to [...]
septembre 10, 2018
Gulfstream Aerospace’s new G500 twin-engine business jet received type certification and its production certificate from the FAA on July 20, [...]
août 7, 2018
When Virgin Orbit launched its digital transformation journey, one of its goals was to identify and implement technologies that would [...]
juillet 13, 2018
At its core, a smart manufacturing strategy is about creating a more competitive, profitable business by adopting the latest smart [...]
juin 4, 2018
Regardless of company size, lack of insight into operations data can inhibit growth and create problems. Virgin Orbit and Vecima [...]
juin 4, 2018
Virgin Orbit's campaign to design, build and flyer LauncherOne, its air-launched rocket for small satellites, relies on digital manufacturing software. [...]
mai 4, 2018
Throwing money (or software) at problems, challenges, and opportunities isn’t a panacea. Tech is only as good as the diligently [...]
mai 1, 2018
Manufacturers focused on optimizing ecosystems offering new value and service levels to customers might very well end up being the [...]
avril 18, 2018
The recent spate of digital technologies such as analytics/big data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, robotics, artificial [...]
avril 4, 2018
It is possible to implement MES (manufacturing execution system) software that does away with paper documentation in less than six [...]
mars 15, 2018
We’re not sure how fast we’ll make it to the top of the mountain, but we know half the battle [...]
mars 15, 2018
The industry is going through an exciting revolution and these are great times to be working in manufacturing. Companies with [...]
mars 15, 2018
By now, everything should be full steam ahead for smart manufacturing with an appealing goal of reaching higher levels of [...]
février 7, 2018
In 2018, manufacturers need to lay the groundwork for manufacturing operations success by investing in the technologies driving digital transformation [...]
février 7, 2018
New year, new budget, big plans. With evolution, clarity, and optimization in mind, here are a few trends to track [...]
janvier 15, 2018
Companies specializing in maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial planes are beginning to face competition from the companies that built [...]
décembre 6, 2017
The Poonian’s story is filled with loss, heartbreak, perseverance and success. Read about the story that lead iBASEt to become [...]
décembre 4, 2017
As manufacturers look ahead to 2018, what are the critical steps to achieve operational excellence and drive digital transformation? [...]
novembre 21, 2017
The next decade will be characterized by immense challenge and opportunity for the shipbuilding industry. Ramping up new ship production [...]
octobre 24, 2017
Military contractor Northrop Grumman recently announced that it would buy Orbital ATK, which makes components for missiles and satellites. This [...]
octobre 23, 2017
Although industry is just starting to progress toward smart manufacturing, leaders endeavor to elevate the connectivity and orchestration of manufacturing [...]
août 1, 2017
Conrad Leiva, vice president for product strategy and alliance at iBASEt and chair of the smart manufacturing working group at [...]
juillet 12, 2017
The industry report focuses on the growth opportunities, which will help the Model Based Manufacturing Technologies industry to expand operations [...]
juin 14, 2017
Improving supplier relationships with the help of Supplier Quality Management (SQM) processes and technologies helps manufacturers avoid threats and uncover [...]
juin 8, 2017
Based on the dual concepts of digital twin and digital thread, the Model-Based Enterprise approach can provide true competitive advantages [...]
mai 18, 2017
Smart manufacturing technologies, from Big Data analytics to robotics, are already transforming industries around the world — intensifying competition, increasing [...]
mai 18, 2017
The digital thread concept raises the bar for delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. [...]
avril 24, 2017
Manufacturers ignoring SQM and its symbiotic connection to product, manufacturing, service and supply chain operations do so at the detriment [...]
avril 19, 2017
Safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance issues are obvious MRO mandates. The scale and scope of investment is also paramount—after all, [...]
avril 17, 2017
LNS Research believes iBASEt has the potential to continue its growth in the complex manufacturing industries, particular with expanded offering [...]
avril 13, 2017
The concept of the digital thread holds the promise of integrating the manufacturing enterprise in a way never before achieved. [...]
avril 12, 2017
Even before the official start to the Trump administration, A&D manufacturers began to see signs of a sea change in [...]
février 21, 2017
In the weeks since the election, both the newly minted administration and senior congressional leaders have substantiated the market’s A&D [...]
décembre 15, 2016
iBASEt listed in Top 10 MES Solution Provider in 2016 by Manufacturing Tech Insights. [...]
décembre 15, 2016
Anyone working with nuclear materials knows that navigating the nuclear regulatory environment is as complicated as it is critical. Going [...]
novembre 30, 2016
The relevance of manufacturing in a modern business environment now extends far beyond the four walls of the shop floor. [...]
novembre 21, 2016
In this article we’ll take a close look at the iBASEt MOM solution, including product functionality and integration capabilities. [...]
novembre 21, 2016
Daily challenges associated with improving device quality, maximizing resources, reducing costs and maintaining competitive advantage, leads many medical device manufacturers [...]
novembre 21, 2016
Earlens uses iBASEt’s MES to track, control and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. The software provides [...]
novembre 21, 2016
Earlens will be implementing the Solumina MES software in their Menlo Park headquarters to help them manage production, quality control [...]
novembre 21, 2016
Solar used to do process planning and manufacturing execution in Excel. Over the next couple of years they are moving [...]
septembre 16, 2016
Digital Thread and Digital Twin concepts are gaining interest beyond the aerospace and defense industry and are converging with the [...]
septembre 16, 2016
You can call it whatever you want - Digital Operations Technology, Industry 4.0, Industry of the Future, The Fourth Industrial [...]
septembre 16, 2016
As manufacturing industries face a daunting amount of change in the fast-paced era of smart factories and digitally integrated global [...]
septembre 6, 2016
The Manufacturing Enterprise Systems Association has devised a five-layer roadmap to enable manufacturers to adopt smart manufacturing technologies, processes, and [...]
octobre 9, 2014
The IT organization increasingly finds itself caught between opposing imperatives—being encouraged to provide greater support to the business while being [...]
octobre 9, 2014
Shifting defense spending and opportunities in new markets may require life cycle cost reduction and business model transformation, according to [...]
octobre 9, 2014
Shifting defense spending and opportunities in new markets may require life cycle cost reduction and business model transformation, according to [...]
octobre 8, 2014
Navigating the complex landscape of expected process improvements, functional requirements, the realities of software capabilities, integration with your IT landscape, [...]
septembre 12, 2014
Effective quality management can drive significant business benefits, but it requires focused technology, business process changes and integrated data from [...]
septembre 12, 2014
Three major business-application vendors are in the midst of development projects to rewrite their software suites. Given the problems of [...]
septembre 12, 2014
Ladeira Poonian left a nursing career to take the reins at Foothill Ranch software company iBASEt. [...]
septembre 12, 2014
The U.S. manufacturing industries have seized upon the term “innovation” as epitomizing what it takes to survive and thrive in [...]
septembre 12, 2014
Honeywell’s customer satisfaction has been at or above 95 percent for the past four years. [...]
septembre 12, 2014
In this white paper, IDC Manufacturing Insights looks at how manufacturing companies manage and communicate important product information to support [...]
septembre 12, 2014
Product design often entails product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the maintenance and subsequent production of a manufactured product. [...]
iBASEt est le

Fondation de la transformation digitale
pour la fabrication discrète

La Digital Manufacturing Suite de iBASEt permet aux fabricants de produits discrets, complexes et hautement réglementés d’assurer une transformation digitale de leurs opérations. Cette nouvelle solution génère un «fil numérique» qui relie les opérations et la gestion du maintien en puissance selon un flux de données homogène dans la chaîne d’approvisionnement et le cycle de vie des produits. La Digital Manufacturing Suite intègre les systèmes d’ingénierie et d’affaires à la gestion des opérations de fabrication (MOM: Manufacturing Operations Management), la gestion de la qualité des fournisseurs (SQM: Supplier Quality Management) et les services de soutien de produits tels que la maintenance, la réparation et la révision (MRO: Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul).


Solumina d’iBASEt offre un contrôle, une conformité, un délai de mise sur le marché et une visibilité accrus grâce à l’exécution du cycle de vie des produits de fabrication complexe, de maintenance, de réparation et de révision et de gestion de la qualité en fournissant des instructions précises, des processus sans papier, des données en temps réel, des contrôles de processus et intelligence de fabrication.


Améliorez la productivité

Améliore radicalement la productivité, la qualité et la conformité de la fabrication en offrant une visibilité de l’atelier au dernier étage.


Processus reproductibles

Accélère, rationalise et simplifie les processus de maintenance, de réparation et de révision complexes et souvent sujets aux erreurs, réduisant ainsi les coûts de maintenance.


Amélioration continue

Rationaliser et contrôler les coûts de production, réduire les écarts et permettre la conformité aux normes de qualité grâce à la traçabilité.


Conformité réglementaire

De la découverte et du suivi des défauts à l’identification et à l’émission des actions correctives appropriées dans votre entreprise.

Solumina est la solution intelligente qui rationalise et simplifie les processus de la fabrication complexe

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