Month: February 2021

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Avoid Technical Debt by Rationalizing Your IT/OT Architecture

Each industry may have additional environmental factors as will companies that may have corporate technology standards. Therefore, it's important to pick a set of suppliers that can exist in a compatible ecosystem while minimizing the technical debt associated with a multi-vendor IT/OT architecture.
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Q&A on The Importance of Software Acceptance Testing Webinar

The theme of our fourth educational webinar, The Importance of End User Acceptance, was a reminder of how important it is to engage with those who will be using an MES or any other IT system as part of the implementation. Here's a summary of what was discussed.
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5 Benefits of the IIoT in Manufacturing

The IIoT is no longer a distant promise for the future. It’s here today. And, it’s one more reason to embrace digital transformation in your manufacturing enterprise.
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Easing Change Management in Manufacturing

Here are three key factors you should seriously consider, which will heavily influence how well a software system can deal with change – and incorporate these concepts when selecting your next manufacturing software purchase.
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