Month: January 2021

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Manufacturing Intelligence is More Than Just Charts and Gauges

While legacy Manufacturing Intelligence applications were often nothing more than tools to build simple dashboards to display manufacturing data collected from the shop floor, new solutions are now focused on collecting all the valuable data that can now be collected in near real-time from across a much wider scope of processes, equipment, and applications.
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MES & Lean Manufacturing: Friend or Foe?

When it comes to an MES, staunch Lean originalists see MES as antithetical to Lean principles. Consequently, some have called into question the value of an MES. Just as with any technology, results can vary. Is an MES a friend or foe to a Lean strategy?
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The Importance of eLearning Today

Although eLearning has been around for decades, the business environment changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has made eLearning one of the most important technology shifts in 2020.
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Smart Glasses Add Informed Reality to the Shop Floor

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) vendors are beginning to offer ready-to-go integration for Smart Glasses. All of this makes it practical, for the first time, to consider including Smart Glasses in your next digital transformation project.
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The New Mantra for 2021: Business Scalability in Manufacturing

In the years ahead, the businesses that can successfully scale and change rapidly will reap the most success. Those that provide a wide variety of features, structure, and deployment options can give you the best scalability performance – not to mention will be better able to adapt to new business opportunities.
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