Month: May 2020

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A Powerful Combination: Agile MES and Deployment

This combined strategy is quite a powerful model to help overcome what has traditionally been a very difficult to achieve – install a Manufacturing Execution System quickly.
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Agile MES Versus Agile Deployment

An Agile MES application has an architecture that allows an implementation team (or those tasked with performing updates or future maintenance) to dynamically perform updates to capabilities quickly to the actual software itself – in addition to how it is deployed.
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Why Now is the Time to Cut Technical Debt

The deeper that a company falls into a Technical Debt “hole,” the harder it is to climb out. The way to break free of this cycle is to start now. As you evaluate the next enterprise operations system, you have to make a choice. Will you own your enterprise solution, or will it own you?
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MRO Market Likely to Rebound First

Today is an excellent time to review and asses your MRO. Investing in a MRO execution system reduces future costs and increases productivity.
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Will COVID-19 be the Catalyst to All-Digital Regulatory Compliance?

With the world facing a massive public health crisis, new drugs and medical devices are required in large quantities. With big pressure to get product out, people are taking shortcuts. Fortunately, many new enterprise software tools have emerged to better manage regulatory compliance reporting
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