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2 Hot Topics from Hannover Messe 2016: Industry 4.0 and TTIP

Hannover Messe Obama After a week since the completion of Hannover Messe 2016, the manufacturing industry is feeling optimistic about the digital revolution. With the theme of “Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions” and the United States as its official Partner Country, this year’s edition of the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology had the entire world buzzing about the future of the manufacturing industry.

Over 5,000 exhibitors attended this event, which provided a multitude of real-world application scenarios available that made Industry 4.0 a tangible experience for all attendees. Solutions displayed varied from components of individual machines to full production-line integration. Much has been talked about regarding the concept of “Smart Manufacturing,” however this concept was in full display at Hannover as much of the integration was complete with data analysis and the digital thread.

In addition to the theme of an Integrated Industry, another topic that emerged last week was the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which would join the United States and the European Union (EU) in the world’s largest economic and trade partnership.  President Barack Obama became the first United States President to attend Hannover Messe and was joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to welcome the world to the 69th Hannover Messe Faire with a shared united cause—to strengthen the manufacturing industry with TTIP. President Obama stated the following during his Keynote in the Opening Ceremony to promote TTIP:

“Because we live in a global economy where so much of our economic growth is fueled by trade, I’m working to ensure we’re trading with each other. … I want us to do even more business together, more trade and creating more jobs for more people.”

To encourage closer collaboration between Europe and the United States, President Obama encouraged those in attendance to invest their manufacturing in America.

“Manufacturing productivity has surged, we’ve become more energy efficient, which lowers costs. And with our USA initiative cutting red tape and streamlining regulations, it’s even easier for companies like yours to come and build in America.”

A clear takeaway from Hannover is there is much to look forward to with the future of the manufacturing industry. As countries continue to work together and business continues to thrive with more innovative methods, new jobs and economic growth is possible.

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