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5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #4 Technical Risk

iBASEt5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #4 Technical Risk



February 16 , 2017 | Posted by Andrea Ramirez | No Comments

5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #4 Technical Risk

When selecting a Manufacturing Execution System, there are two broad types of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementations:

  • A custom built MES configuration based on an MES tool kit
  • A Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) configuration of MES software

These two flavors of implementations come with different variations of risk. In this video series we identify the top 5 risks you need to know, this video focuses on Technical Risk.

Technical Risk:

Technical risks can cause a sacrifice in performance or a delay in schedule requirements during an MES implementation. A common cause is over configuration and scope creep during an implementation. Continuously adding and changing requirements for an implementation can cause adverse effects on relationships between the configurations in different areas of related functionality. Each change made could have a negative ripple effect and consequences. With tailored solutions, these risks can be higher because configuration is at the crux of the solution and without following or operating to a set of standards, there is more room for failure. COTS MES configurations have the advantage of foreseeing and avoiding certain risks by various testing done by the solution provider and also reviews from multiple user communities.

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